Plant ecological genomics

Our main goal is to understand fundamental evolutionary processes generating and maintaining diversity in nature. We primarily focus on evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication, a massive mutation that is ubiquitous among plants. We also address genomic basis of repeated plant adaptation to challenging environments such as alpine stands and toxic soils. We combine sampling of the extensive natural variation in plant populations with wide range of genomic and ecological approaches. To build our hypotheses, we use comprehensive knowledge of natural variation of our study systems, primarily wild members of the leading model Arabidopsis and its relatives.

Filip Kolář

team leader

I am generally interested in the evolution of plant diversity. By combining extensive fieldwork with cytogenetic, genomic and ecological approaches, our team addresses evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication (polyploidization) in natural populations of Arabidopsis and several other plant species. 

Our team

We welcome new applicants for bachelor, master and PhD theses as well as spontaneous applications for self-funded postdoc stays. More information about the topics offered and about the  junior talent projects here.

Benátská 2, CZ - 128 01, Prague, Czech Republic


30.6.2024 New paper on polyploid genomics in Nature Communications

New paper lead by Tuomas Hämälä and Levi Yant on structural variation in Cochlearia is out! We found out that whole genome duplication leaves detectable footprints of relaxed purifying selection but also possible climatic adaptation in structural variants in polyploid genomes. Read more

10.6.2024 Our review on gene flow between ploidy levels is out

Our new review on mechanisms, rates and genomic consequences of gene flow across ploidy barrier is out. Whole genome duplication sometimes does not create perfect barrier and we reviewed what it means for speciation and adaptation in polyploid complexes. Great work by Paolo, Nelida and Emma! Full article

9.4.2024 Prestigious award to our alumnus

Majda Bohutínská received a prestigious John Maynard Smith prize given to outstanding young evolutionary biologist by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) for her work in predictability in evolution. Majda did her PhD with us focusing on factors driving repeated alpine adaptation in Arabidopsis. Congratulations!

1.4.2024 New lab member

Violette Doublet joined our lab to work on convergent adaptation to whole genome duplication in different mixed-ploidy species. Violette has a backrgound in forest ecology and then worked with Brassicaceae copy number variation in a group of Pascal Milesi in Uppsala. Welcome !

25.3.2024 New student grant project to our group

Terka Koberová received a student grant (GAUK) to investigate the links between serpentine adaptation, heavy metal adaptation and whole genome duplication in Balkan Noccaea - a new plant system addressed in our group that is renowned for its exceptional ability to hyperaccumulate heavy metals. Congratulations!

22.3.2024 Workshop in population genetics of polyploidy

Back from 4th year of the amazing workshop on polyploid popgen we organize with Patrick Meirmans, Alison Scott and Marc Stift. This time with big help from our lab members (and also alumni of this workshop) Sonia and Joern, Thanks to all participants for great fun and inspiration!

10.3.2024 Group retreat in Kvilda

Kvilda 2024
Kvilda 2024

We are just back from a lab retreat in amazing spring-bursting Sumava Mts. We focused on sharing feedback on manuscripts currently in prep in the group ... and of course also hiking and socializing.

10.2.2024 Awards at Student conference

Proud to announce success of our lab members and alumni! Sonia Celestini and Alena Voltrová won prizes at Student conference in plant biology in Vienna. Great job!

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Benátská 2, CZ - 128 01, Prague, Czech Republic