Population genetics of polyploids, from theory to practice

Workshop held in Mohelno, Czechia 15 - 22.3.2024

Patrick Meirmans, Marc Stift, Filip Kolář, Alison Scott, Joern Gerchen, Sonia Celestini

Course materials

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    • Tutorial with questions for Days 1-4

    • Tutorial with answers

    • Program of the week
    • Sample data and used scripts


    Introduction to scripting and simulations in R

    Getting to grips with using R to simulate diploid and polyploid populations

    Block A - Introduction to autopolyploid population genetics theory
    Genetic diversity and differentiation, HWE, missing dosage (theory & simulations)

    Block B  - Clustering methods + PCA and potential ploidy biases

    Clustering and multivariate analyses of mixed ploidy populations (simulations & empirical analyses)

    Block C - Evolutionary history reconstruction of mixed-ploidy systems

    Genetic structure, diversity and differentiation of mixed-ploidy species using genome-wide SNP data (empirical analyses)

    Block D - Selection in autopolyploid populations

    Detecting footprints of selection in mixed-ploidy systems using genome-wide SNP data (theory & empirical analyses)

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