Population genetics of polyploids, from theory to practice

Materials from the course held in 2022 in Drobak, Norway

Patrick Meirmans, Marc Stift, Filip Kolář, Olivier Hardy, Magdalena Bohutínská and Alison Scott


(disclaimer: these materials are for non-commercial use only)

    • Tutorial with questions only for Days 1-4 and the same Tutorial with answers (pre-final version)

    • Schedule of the week



    Day 0 

    Introduction to scripting and simulations in R

    Getting to grips with using R to simulate diploid and polyploid populations

    Day 1 

    Introduction to autopolyploid population genetics theory, population diversity and differentiation

    Genetic diversity, HWE, analogues of F-statistics, missing dosage problem (theory & simulations)


    R Scripts for days 1 & 2

    Day 2

    Impact of mixed-mating on autopolyploid populations & Clustering methods

    Inbreeding - Double reduction - Estimating selfing rates with mixed ploidy - clustering mixed ploidy populations (simulations &empirical analyses)


    Sample data

    Day 3 

    Evolutionary history reconstruction in polyploid species and populations

    Genetic structure, diversity and differentiation of mixed-ploidy systems using genome-wide SNP data (empirical analyses)

    Day 4 

    Selection in diploids vs polyploids

    Detecting footprints of selection in mixed-ploidy systems using genome-wide SNP data (empirical analyses)

    • Introductory slides and a theory paper
    • General overview of topics for Day 3 & 4 in Majda's manuscript and associated GitHub

    Sample data