Mahnaz Nezamivand Chegini

Postdoctoral researcher

I am a computation biologist specialized in plant transcriptomics, gene co-expression networks, and comparative genomics. In the group I study convergent evolution among Brassicaceae, contributing with expertise in transcriptomics, genome assembly and annotation.

Sonia Celestini

Doctoral student

My biggest passion has always been evolutionary biology. Specifically, I'm mostly interested in the fields of ecology, conservation and population genetics. My current PhD project aims to address the adaptive value of polyploidy in natural plant populations. .

Eliška Petříková

Doctoral student

The main interest of my research lies in the evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication. Polyploid plants and especially the ones that occur in nature as so-called mixed-ploidy species have been my greatest interest ever since I started my university studies. 

Karolína Havlíková

Master student

My main interest in ecology is driven by passion for discovering the responses of particular organisms to the environment. Varying and changing environments trigger adaptation of plants to specific conditions, such as challenging naturally toxic serpentine soils.

Alžběta Poštulková

Master student

I am interested in repeated adaptation to the alpine environment. I focus on functional validation of candidate adaptive alleles found in selection scans in Arabidopsis arenosa, specifically on the effect of variation in FAR5 and MAP18 genes on phenotype and fitness in alpine environment.

My project is supervised by Majda Bohutínská

Denisa Nerandžičová

Master student

I am broadly interested in ecology and evolution, particularly in linking molecular data with ecology. I focus on the impact of whole genome duplication on the resistance of plants to biotic stress, to uncover a possible reason for the evolutionary success of polyploid lineages of so many plant species.

Jana Nosková


I support the team regarding lab work (DNA and RNA extractions, preparation of libraries).

Marek Brindzák


I provide support for the team with regards to experimental cultivation in growth chambers, greenhouse and outdoors

Veronika Vlčková


I support the team regarding plant cultivation, crossing experiments and flow cytometric analyses

Jana Vítová


My job is primarily lab work: DNA extraction, preparation of libraries for sequencing.

Hanka Šípková

Lab manager

My work includes the every day management of the flow cytometry laboratory and support for research activities and student projects within the team.

Lab alumni

Gabriela Šrámková

(researcher 2020-2023) - now Postdoctoral researcher with Levi Yant.

Alena Voltrová

(master student 2021-2023) - now PhD student with Martin Čertner, Charles Uni, CZ.

Cristina Vives Cobo

(postdoc 2020-2023).

Josselin Clo

(postdoc 2020-2023) - now Researcher at CNRS at University of Lille, FR. Google Scholar

Nélida Padilla-García

(postdoc 2021-2023) - now Assistant Professor at University of Salamanca, ES. Google Scholar

Veronika Lipánová (Konečná)

(PhD student 2017-2022) - now postdoctoral fellow with Alex Widmer at ETH Zurich, CH. Google Scholar

Magdalena Bohutínská (Holcová)

(PhD student 2017-2021) - now Individual Marie Curie fellow with Katie Peichel at University of Bern, CH. Google Scholar

Juan Manuel Gorospe

(PhD student 2020-) Continues within his PhD study at Charles University in Prague and Institute of Botany, CZ. ResearchGate

Martha Kandziora

(Researcher 2020-2021) - now independent researcher at Charles University in Prague, CZ. Google Scholar

Martin Čertner

(Researcher 2017-2021) - now postdoctoral fellow with Christian Parisod at University of Fribourg, CH. Google Scholar

Guillaume Wos

(Postdoctoral researcher 2017-2021) - now postdoctoral researcher at University of Krakow, PL. Google Scholar

Doubravka Požárová

(Master student 2018-2021)

Timothée Lamotte

(Master student 2019-2021)

Emma Jane Morgan

(Postdoctoral researcher 2017-2020) - now program Manager at the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK.

Magdalena Lučanová

(Researcher 2017-2020) - now researcher at University of South Bohemia, České Budejovice, CZ. Google Scholar